Switch It Up

Switch It Up

by Casey Parnell

Confession: I want to look great, do great and have people like me. Am I the only one? 

I recently flew to another city to lead worship at a friend’s church. The whole few days leading up to the services I was thinking nothing but, “I hope they think I do a great job and the people like me.” I realize you would never be this selfish, but I am. 

Then the day before my flight I realized how terrible my motivation was! God shocked me back into the reality, I was caught in my pride and it stung. 

I immediately switched it up. My motive and theme for the weekend went to this, “I hope I do a good job at loving others and I hope God is pleased.”  You know what this small (but major) switch in heart attitude did for me? It took the pressure completely off. Thank God! Now the outcomes were not in my grasping hands, but in His.  

Anyone who has led from a stage in any capacity knows it comes with a certain amount of pressure. We don’t always feel it, but for the most part after years of playing, the pressure to “do well for people” has never subsided for me. I always feel it in my back like a fist. Other people can put this on us to perform or we put it on ourselves. 

When I experience this pressure, I stress, I make decisions I wouldn’t normally, and I put that pressure on others. Like other members of the worship team. Why do I do this? So I will look great l, do great and people will like me. 

That’s when I was challenged by God to switch it up and I’m now continually trying to change this about myself. When I focus this pressure outward to loving God and others well, I can feel it changing me. I enter into a new restful place. My actions and attitudes reflect it. My new question in any situation is, “How can I love God and serve others well?”

You know what’s funny about this? Generally I’ve found the outcomes end up being better than what I wanted in the first place (this is no guarantee, nor should it be the motivation) but it’s true. Why? Because now you are fueled by the motivation of love. 

I switched it up this week, what about you? What is your motivation in whatever opportunity you have or situation you face? Take a moment, check your heart, switch it up, and I think you’ll be relieved you did.